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ANSC 429 Dairy Production Management

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Animal Science
Type: C
Status: Approved

CERTIFICATION PERIOD: 9/1/21 to 9/1/25       
We recommend that ANSC 429 Dairy Production Management be certified as a Communication (C) course. We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria: (1) 30% of the final grade is based on writing quality; (2) the total number of words is 2000; (3) the total minutes of performance is 5; (4) the instructor to student ratio is 1:20; and (5) the assigned writing and speaking are appropriate to the major.
ANSC 429 is a 4-credit course. Students write a research paper, five short assignments related to dairy management derived from lecture and lab concepts, and a draft of the research paper, not counted above in the word count. They also collaborate on a dairy case study, but each student presents individually for five minutes. The instructor provides written comments on a draft of the research paper, and each of the five assignments are similar and are graded and returned so that feedback can be used to improve the next assignment. For the speaking assignment, the instructor reviews slides and gives formative feedback before the presentation is delivered. A 2-hour class is devoted to communication in the dairy industry, including review of rubrics and assignments.