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Daniel Mueller

Daniel Mueller

Writing Consultant II

Office: Evans Library 214
Phone: 979-458-1455

Daniel is partial to thinking about words as puzzle pieces, and he enjoys helping others puzzle together their thoughts.

He first got to do this (and get paid for it) as an undergraduate peer consultant here at the writing center. After graduating with a B.A. in English, he used the skills he learned at the UWC to tutor SAT/ACT prep and K-12 reading comprehension/writing at Huntington Learning Center. He quickly took on the expanded role of Managing Director. But he missed helping others write, so he jumped at the chance to return to the UWC as a full-time administrator.

In his current role, Daniel coordinates the UWC’s event requests, the DATA program, ACC, and Writing CafĂ©. He has a passion for revision and gets a kick out of using Excel formulas to streamline systems. He is known around the office for his love of whales.

Favorite writing strategy: Stuck in the middle of a paragraph? Don’t know how to phrase what you want to say? Start your next sentence by picking a relevant noun and just saying something about it. Make it flow later. Alternatively, use voice-to-text. Sometimes it’s easier to get ideas out by speaking them.