The Aggie Creative Collective

Words of Wisdom

There is no great writing, only great rewriting.

— Justice Brandeis

The Aggie Creative Collective, supported by the University Writing Center, Department of English, Department of Visualization, and LAUNCH, is a new and expanding summer program that links creative arts, undergraduate scholarly research, and performance.

Undergraduate students, under the guidance of TAMU creative writing and visualization faculty, will spend five weeks (one summer session) developing a research question tied to a long-term creative project. Potential creative projects include but are not limited to the following options: novel or graphic novel, creative non-fiction, interactive experiences, short prose or poetry collection, short animation or film, screenplay, staged play, traditional studio arts, web comics, and VR. After completing the Aggie Creative Collective, students will be required to apply to LAUNCH's Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. Once accepted, they will work with a faculty advisor to develop their undergraduate creative thesis project during the fall and spring semesters, adhering to LAUNCH’s creative works thesis template.

During the five-week collective meetings, participants will develop a proposal for a creative undergraduate thesis suitable for submittal to the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program and refine a sample of their creative work. In workshops and through individual conferences, they will learn about the structure of a creative thesis proposal, develop their creative projects, and refine their performance skills. The Aggie Creative Collective will culminate in a short performative presentation of their creative works in progress.


  • To develop a research question suitable for a long-term creative undergraduate thesis
  • To learn and engage in scholarly creative research methodologies
  • To deepen participants’ understanding of craft skills in art, poetry, prose, graphic novels, screenwriting, interactive experiences, visual works or playwriting and further sculpt a creative sample piece for performance or other appropriate public presentations
  • To work with established faculty members and visiting writers in a small-group environment and through individual consultations to strengthen creative skills and projects
  • To develop a creative research proposal

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