{ANTH 305 Fundamentals of Anthropological Writing}

College: Liberal Arts
Department: Anthropology
Type: W
Status: Approved

CERTIFICATION PERIOD: 9/1/21 to 9/1/25                  
We recommend that ANTH 305 Fundamentals of Anthropological Writing be certified as a writing (W) course. We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria: (1) 90% of the final grade is based on writing quality; (2) the total number of words is 6250; (3) the instructor to student ratio is 1:20; and (4) the assigned writing is appropriate to the major.
ANTH 305 is a one-credit course. Students write a letter of introduction, c.v. or resume, and letter of intent or cover letter, each stressing work in anthropology. They also write a research proposal, an annotated bibliography, a critique, an abstract, a conference poster, and two papers, one in anthropology and one using the same anthropological topic for a lay audience. Students may revise any written assignment. These last two papers are given formative feedback in peer review or with written instructor comments on drafts. Instruction includes going over reoccurring issues discovered while grading. In addition, students are given oral and written directions and examples. 

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