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Looking for help teaching in the age of Generative AI? Visit the CTE page on the topic. You'll want to be sure you've let students know your specific policy on AI use in your class. There's also an excellent video about AI  on the Undergraduate Studies YouTube channel that you can share with your students. 

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Designing W & C Courses

Planning the writing or speaking components of a W/C course requires beginning with learning outcomes and building up a series of writing/speaking assignments that will achieve them rather than interfere with them. In this section, you'll find information on planning W & C courses that can also be applied to any course that includes writing or public speaking. 

Assignments Best Practices for W & C Courses
Dealing with Plagiarism
Learning Outcomes
Managing High Enrollment
Syllabus Design


You don't have to be the only one providing feedback, although generally students will perceive your feedback as most valuable unless you do something to change that perception. Below you'll find ideas for giving your students effective feedback, efficiently. 

Formative Feedback
Grading & Commenting Peer Review Portfolios

Writing for English Language Learners & Graduate Students

Students who are new to learning English may struggle, especially with academic and professional communication. And even native English speakers need help when they get to graduate-level writing.

Editing for Non-Native English Speakers
Helping Graduate Develop Academic Voices
PDF Hoarders! Helping Graduate Students Stay Organized
Put Some English on It
Question: How Many Aggies Does It Take to Write a Dissertation?

Write Away

Write Away is a podcast in which we interviewed faculty about teaching writing.

Dr. Scott Austin Discusses Parmenides, Dialogue, and Writing 
Dr. Sarah Bednarz Discusses Her W Course, GEOG 404
Dr. Douglas Slack Discusses His W Course in Wildlife Conservation & Management
Dr. Barbara Gastel Discusses Science Writing & Principles of Good Presentations 
Dr. Claude Gibson Discusses His W Course & Assessment of Student Writing
Dr. Manda Rosser Discusses Her W Course, Professional Leadership Development
Dr. Courtney Schumacher Discusses Her W Course, Tropical Meteorology
Dr. Ted Turocy Discusses His W Course, Economics of Decision-Making

Workshop Videos

Following are edited versions of faculty workshops on teaching writing and public speaking.

Error & Improvisation, with Dr. Jon Olson
Designing Writing Assignments with Thad Bowerman and Dr. Valerie Balester
Peer Review Workshop with Dr. Stephanie Kerschbaum
Plagiarism Prevention, Part I with Dr. Candace Hastings 
Plagiarism Prevention, Part II with Dr. Valerie Balester
Supporting International Students at the Graduate Level, With Dr. Tony Silva
Talk It Up: Teaching Public Speaking with Jennifer Jones Barbour
Universal Design for Teaching with Dr. Ann Gundy

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