Words of Wisdom

My father gave me these hints on speech-making: "Be sincere . . .  be brief . . . be seated.”

— James Roosevelt


We have six on-site offices for members of our administrative team: (1) Director; (2) Senior Administrative Coordinator; (3) Assistant Director (4) Program Coordinator for Assessment; (5) Writing/Speaking Consultant III for English Language Learning; (6) Writing/Speaking Consultant I (2 people). We also have a Presentation Practice/Group Tutoring room and a Media Team office. Our Marketing Specialist has an office in the Academic Success Center in another part of campus.


At the front desk, clients can ask a quick question or schedule an appointment for a consultation.   Reception area

Consultation Rooms

We have 5 dedicated consultation rooms for conducting sessions.   A peer consultant helps a student in a closed room setting

Consultant Space (The Bat Cave)

Here, consultants write notes after sessions, conduct online sessions, and work on projects.   Large room with a center table upon which a consultant is leaning and smiling into the camera. Others sit at computers lining either side of room

Presentation Room

Students can practice presentations in this room, which also accommodates group consultations.   Looking through an open door into a small conference room area with a TV on the far wall

Living Room

Staff and guests can study, talk, or just relax in this space. It can also be used for consultations.   Open area with comfortable couches surrounding a coffee table, bookcase along the wall

We also have a satellite location in the Business Library & Collaboration Commons on West Campus for drop ins.

Satellite location at Business Library & Collaboration Commons


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