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While I'm writing, I'm far away; 
and when I come back, I've gone.

— Pablo Neruda

The UWC offers a series of workshops to help graduate students enhance their communication skills.

The workshops, lead by UWC consultants and visiting speakers, are part of the G.R.A.D. Aggies Professional Development Certificate, offered by OGAPS.

Students participating in the certificate program will be able to earn one Professional Development Unit (PDU) toward their certificate when they attend one of the workshops.

The workshops are held during the fall and spring semesters.


Graduate Workshop Schedule Fall 2018

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Past Workshops: 
  •  2/5/18 Writing Conference Abstracts -- Conferences provide a perfect opportunity to get people excited about your research. That only works when you succeed in getting into the conference, and if you convey your research in a compelling way. Often researchers struggle to tell the story of their research clearly. This workshop offers strategies student researchers can use to propose presentations and papers for conferences.
    Location: Evans 1.202A.
  •  2/12/18 Collaborative Research, Writing, and Presenting -- Conferences offer fantastic opportunities to collaborate with other researchers in your field and in other disciplines. Such collaborations can sometimes bring with them new challenges. This workshop offers graduate students a primer on how they can successfully navigate collaborative projects that they intend to present at conferences.
    Location: Evans 1.202A.
  •  2/19/18 Write Words, Right Design -- Student researchers can set themselves apart in poster sessions and paper presentation sessions by the design choices they have made. In a conference setting, the best research is only as good as people’s understanding of it. This workshop is an introduction to the specific design considerations researchers encounter when preparing their presentations for conferences.
    Location: Evans 1.202A.
  •  2/26/18 Conference Etiquette and Q&A -- While there is tremendous variation across disciplines and professional organizations, scholarly conferences share some conventions. This workshop offers strategies for decoding conference etiquette, striking the appropriate tone for presentations and papers, and ways that student researchers can pre-write some answers for possible questions they may receive.
    Location: Evans 1.204E.
  • 10/2/17 The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Managing Deadlines -- Learn how to meet your deadlines without procrastinating.
  • 10/9/17 Making the Case: Grant Writing -- Make your grant proposals stand out with our tips on how to find and appeal to a specific audience. We'll discuss how to tailor grants, where to find them, and the process of getting them written.
  • 10/16/17 Proof-Positive: Proofreading for Grad Students -- Learn how to find and eliminate errors in your work.
  • 10/23/17 Alternatives to the Academic Job Market (with Dr. Katie Stober of the TAMU Career Center) -- Find out about career options beyond academia, plus advice on how to land a job outside of higher education.
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