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Words of Wisdom

Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well.

— Andre Breton

Applications for the Aggie Creative Collective will open Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Complete the following application to receive full consideration for The Aggie Creative Collective. Regretfully, incomplete applications will not move forward in the process.

The Aggie Creative Collective Overview

The Aggie Creative Collective, in addition to being a creative residency experience, is a five-week zero-credit 491 course taking place during Summer I (Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, July 3) for Creative Writing & Summer II (Thursday, July 6 - Tuesday, August 8) for Visualization. Eligible applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 GPR and 60 credit hours (or Junior-level class distinction), 12 credits of which must have been completed at Texas A&M. Those with 30 credit hours (or Sophomore-level class distinction) can participate with a letter of support from faculty (which should be emailed to, though participation in the URS program is limited to those with Junior-level class distinction and above. (URS eligibility requirements can be found on LAUNCH's website.) Applicants to ACC must not be graduating until Spring 2024 to participate. 

Furthermore, your residency experience is contingent upon your area of study, scholarly focus, and creative genre of choice. Due to the intensive nature of the residency program, it is mandatory that participants attend ALL sessions. A $500 scholarship award is given to all admitted residents. Summer class venues will be determined by Texas A&M University guidelines and policies.

Finally, by participating in the Aggie Creative Collective, accepted students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS). 

Aggie Creative Collective Memorandum of Understanding:

General Information

What are your pronouns? (Optional):

Application Questions

Would you be interested in doing a collaborative creative writing AND visualization project with another student?:

Creative Sample Submission

Applicants must submit a creative submission for review. The piece(s) you submit should be as fully formed as possible, but still in need of further work or revision. Additionally, you should submit a piece that you feel comfortable presenting to a wider public audience. Finally, due to the intensive nature of the residency, your submission(s) for acceptance should be the creative work you plan to develop during a portion of the residency.

Submission Rubric

The following pieces of criteria will used by the ACC committee to judge the strength of your creative sample:
  • Is the whole of the project unified, cohesive, and consistent? Does the work showcase technical proficiency? 
  • Does a theme emerge organically from the work? Does the creative project observe an emotional truth or solve a problem?
  • Are the genre conventions adhered to and accurate? Is action (action including dialogue) or figurative language used to reinforce the theme? Is vivid, detailed images, visuals, and intensely felt emotion used to make the project come alive? 
  • Does the format of the sample make the work understandable?

Submission Guidelines

1. Prose submissions should be no more than 15 pages double-spaced. Acknowledge if the submission is a sample of longer work. 
2. Poetry submissions should include no more than 5 poems and should not exceed 10 pages double-spaced.
3. Visualization submissions (due to file size) should be linked to a website or google drive url that offers open access to the committee. Projects lacking open access will not be reviewed.  
3. Screen and staged play submissions are limited to the first full 10 pages of the first act, respectively. 
3. There are no restrictions regarding genre or style.  
4. Please submit original work only.  Fan fiction, memes, overly derivative, or transformative works are not acceptable submissions for this residency. 
5. We will accept written submissions as docx, doc, or pdf files.  



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