Instructions for web conference appointments

1. For information about your web conferencing appointment, log into using your NetID and password. On the top menu, select Appointments.

2. Find your appointment under My Future Appointments.  Select either the camera link or the appointment details link icon to see your appointment details.

3. To join a meeting, select the Web Conference Appointment Link on the Appointment Details page.

4. This should take you to the login screen for your meeting. Click on the Online Videoconference Meeting Link to join the session. You can join up to 10 minutes before the consultation start time. Enter your name, email address, and the password 'tamu' :


5. Select "Call Using Computer" and set up your audio for the session:

6. Test your speakers, and check to see that your microphone is working:

7. Turn your camera on (if you have one) here:

8. You will be able to see video of the participants who have video, and you should be able to hear the audio of the participants.  Enjoy your meeting!
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