English as a Second Language

If English is not your primary language, you may want to take advantage of some of the University Writing Center's specialized services. We offer help with both writing and speaking and are happy to assisst with any kind of communication project.

The UWC, however,  is not an editing or proofreading service. We won't necessarily point out every potential error in your work, as our consultations are tailored more toward helping students improve their overall communication skills. We can, though, over time help you develop the skills you need to edit and proofread your own work. If you require more in-depth or urgent help with a project, we will refer you to this list of paid professional freelance editors

Our consultants, certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, are generalists. All have English language skills at the level of native English speakers and are sensitive to the needs of English Language Learners. They specialize in assisting writers and public speakers in a wide variety of situations. While they may not be familiar with the details of every discipline's writing style, they can work collaboratively with you to help you understand and follow the requirements of your discipline's genres for organization, grammar, style, and content.  See our full description, including how to make an appointment.

The University Writing Center is not an editing or a proofreading service, but we can help you locate professional freelance editors. Or, we can help you develop the skills you need to proofread and edit your own work.
Schedule a one-to-one consultation in person or by Zoom, and our writing/speaking consultants are happy to just talk. You may have a specific topic you want to explore, or you may just want to use your English. We can help, either way. Be sure to specify your preference when you schedule session.

Make an appointment.

Our Writing and Speaking Guides, both handouts, podcasts, and videos, can be viewed alphabetically or topically. Also see our interactive lessons on a variety of writing topics.
See our list of resources  for English Language Learners. It includes both on-campus help and suggestions for self-study. 
We offer graduate students assistance with writing and public speaking, including class assignments, CVs, journal articles, research posters, oral presentations, theses or dissertations, and the oral defense. We offer workshops, writing retreats, writing groups, and services geared to graduate student writing articles, theses, or dissertations. Find  more information on our graduate student services.

For more information about our services for ESL students, contact us


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