Presentation Practice Apps

Giving a successful presentation takes practice. As you practice, you'll want to pay attention to a number of details including your volume, pitch, rate of speaking, and possible overuse of certain words, including fillers such as like and you know. Luckily, there are apps that make practicing your speaking skills easy. Some apps can also help you brainstorm and outline a presentation.

We've compiled a list of apps we've found helpful and indicated which operating system(s) they're compatible with. All are available through online app stores.

Chicken Scream (Android/iOS) Assess how loudly you're speaking using this game, which challenges you to make a cartoon chicken jump by adjusting the volume of your voice.

LikeSo (iOS) Offers an effective way to train against poor verbal habits and practice speaking articulately, confidently, and without a lot of “ums,” “you knows," and other verbal fillers. The app provides a real-time analysis of your speech "fitness," including optimal pacing for the fast or slow talker.

Orai (Android/iOS) Offers you practice scripts to read from and then provides feedback on your pace and energy. The app will also count the number of filler words you use.

Speeko (iOS) Gives you instant feedback as you practice your speech.

Ummo (iOS) Tracks your use of filler words, as well as your pace, word power, clarity, and more. You can indicate which words and phrases you want to track for repetition.

Voice Analyst (Android/iOS) Analyzes your pitch and volume as you record your voice. You can then save or email your recordings for later analysis. The app provides immediate visual, acoustic, and statistical feedback on your voice quality, helping you identify which areas to work on.