Write Line

Words of Wisdom

[M]y understanding of initial drafts shifted from drafts as the precursor to a polished product to drafts as the route to that polish.

— Rachelle Ankney (Mathematics professor)


Write Line is a virtual graduate student writing group conducted via Zoom. Graduate students in any area of study are welcome to apply. Write Line provides a productive virtual writing space so that participants can stay accountable to their writing goals.

Participants meet once a week for two and a half hours each session. Each group has a dedicated facilitator who checks in with the group and notes each person’s writing goals for the session. Following goal setting, everyone writes together. (We recommend leaving cameras on if possible.) Participants who have quick writing questions are able to get answers to those via the Zoom chat function. At the end of each session, the groups briefly reconvene so that members can report on their progress.

Write Line for Fall 2022 offers five groups, each meeting once per week at a different day and time beginning in September. Groups are limited to 15 members per group. You can select ONE GROUP from the options below. (Registration links coming soon)
  • Group A will meet Mondays from 9AM to 11:30AM 
  • Group B will meet Tuesdays from 1PM to 3:30PM 
  • Group C will meet Wednesdays from 1:30PM to 4PM
  • Group D will meet Thursdays from 9AM to 11:30AM 
  • Group E will meet Fridays from noon to 2:30PM 
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