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My God, this novel makes me break out in a cold sweat! Do you know how much I've written in five months, since the end of August? Sixty-five pages! Each paragraph is good in itself and there are some pages that are perfect. I feel certain. But just because of this, it isn't getting on. It's a series of well-turned, ordered paragraphs which do not flow on from each other. I shall have to unscrew them, loosen the joints, as one does with the masts of a ship when one wants the sail to take more wind...

— Gustave Flaubert

In a one-to-one consultation, whether you meet in person, on-line through Zoom, or by sending in a document for comment, our writing/speaking consultants focus on individualized needs and specific documents. Sessions last up to 45 minutes.

We build your communication skills while fostering professional habits that lead to bettter outcomes: they can help you overcome anxiety or procrastination, break through writer's block, and build your confidence as a writer so that you maintain a steady writing pace.

They can also help you integrate source material into your work effectively and ethically, including interpreting results of originality reports generated by (Note: We are NOT able to run reports during your session. Bring a copy of your report.)

If you are working on a long document, such as a thesis or dissertation, consider applying to our Dissertation, Article, and Thesis Assistance program.

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