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Words of Wisdom

The best and most telling speech is not the actual impromptu one, but the counterfeit of it ... that speech is most worth listening to which has been carefully prepared in private and tried on a plaster cast, or an empty chair, or any other appreciative object that will keep quiet, until the speaker has got his matter and his delivery limbered up so that they will seem impromptu to an audience.

— Mark Twain

Faculty Write Line is a Summer 2021 pilot program sponsored by the Dean of Faculties Office. It is an interdisciplinary virtual writing community conducted via Zoom exclusively for faculty referred by the Dean of Faculties Office.

Faculty Write Line provides a productive virtual writing space so that participants can stay accountable to their writing goals. Ten participants meet twice per week, for two and a half hours each summer session for five weeks. Each participant is assigned to a small group facilitator who checks in with the group and notes individual writing goals for the session. Following goal setting, everyone writes together. Participants who have quick writing questions are able to get answers to those via the Zoom chat function. At the end of each session, the small groups briefly reconvene to report on their progress. In the last meeting, the community discusses how to keep on writing and how to establish their own groups going forward. Each participant will write a brief plan for continuing their writing progress and an assessment of the program to share with the Dean of Faculties Office.

Faculty Write Line for Summer 2021 offers two groups. Participants can select from one of the options below:
  • SSI Group will meet from June 8 through July 8 on Tuesday/Thursday from 10 AM-12:30 PM
  • SSII Group will meet from July 5 to August 4 on Monday/ Wednesday from 12 PM -2:30 PM
These learning communities are about accountability. You should only register if you can commit to attending all the meetings in the session.

To find out more, contact Heather Wilkinson at h-wilkinson@tamu.edu.

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