{WFSC 484 Internship in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences}

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Type: W
Status: Approved

NOTE: WFSC 484 has changed to RFWM 484 effective Summer 2022.

CERTIFICATION PERIOD: 1/1/24 to 1/1/28                  
We recommend that RWFM 484 Internship be certified as a writing (W) course. We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria: (1) 59.17% of the final grade is based on writing quality; (2) the total number of words is 2500; (3) the instructor to student ratio is 1:11; and (4) the assigned writing is appropriate to the major.
RWFM 484 is a 4-credit course, and one Graduate Assistant is assigned to it. Students write an internship report and a career readiness competency reflection. They turn in a draft of the report for written instructor comment to get formative feedback. Instruction includes examples, information about resources, and detailed assignment instructions.

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