{ANTH 427 Human Variation}

College: Liberal Arts
Department: Anthropology
Type: W
Status: Approved

We recommend that ANTH 427 Human Variation be certified as a writing (W) course for four academic years (9/17 to 9/21). We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria:
  1. Percentage of final grade based on writing quality: 38
  2. Course content appropriate to the major
  3. Total number of words: 5000
  4. Instructor to student ratio for one section: 1:10
ANTH 427 requires students write eleven weekly responses to course material, which are reviewed using a rubric and returned at regular intervals to allow improvement for the next assignment, and a long final paper. They submit a draft of the final paper three weeks before it is due and again receive written comments on the writing, including content, organization, and grammar. The Graduate Assistant Teacher and the instructor both provide comments. Two classes during the course are devoted to writing, with emphasis in one on the peer review process in scientific writing and in the other on scientific writing style. Writing style is also discussed on other class days.

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