{AERO 311 Aerospace Engineering Laboratory}

College: College of Engineering
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Type: W
Status: Approved

NOTE:  AERO 302 has changed to AERO 311 and has been changed from a 2 to 3 credit course effective Oct 2017. 2019 Changed to AERO 307. 

We recommend that AERO 302 Aerospace Engineering Laboratory be certified as a writing (W) course for four academic years (9/17 to 9/21). We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria:
  1. Percentage of final grade based on writing quality: 90
  2. Course content appropriate to the major
  3. Total number of words: 12,000 (4500 individual)
  4. Instructor to student ratio for one section: 1:20 
Since original certification, the course has not changed significantly. Up to three Graduate Assistant Teachers help with the course. AERO 302 is a two-credit course that requires students to write six lab reports, three written collaboratively. Team members monitor the collaborative writing. The instructor provides general feedback in classes, and each lab report is graded and returned in a timely fashion so students have time to use suggestions for their next report. In addition, the instructor and GATs are available to help individuals on request. The University Writing Center conducts a workshop on scientific writing, and models and outlines for reports are provided.

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