{ACCT 421 Critical Communication Skills for Accountants}

College: Mays Business School
Department: Accounting
Type: C
Status: Approved

We recommend that ACCT 421 Critical Communication Skills for Accountants be certified as a Communication (C) for four academic years (1/20 to 1/24). We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria: (1) 53% of the final grade is based on writing and speaking quality; (2) the total number of words is 1900; (3) the total minutes of performance is 6; (4) the instructor to student ratio is 1:25; and (5) the assigned writing and speaking are appropriate to the major.
ACCT 421 is a two-credit course, grandfathered for some collaborative work. Students complete 3 writing assignments and deliver 4 minutes each of a group presentation and a 1-minute impromptu speech. The first writing assignment is given written instructor feedback and is peer reviewed but is only graded with a completion grade. For speaking, students receive feedback from the instructor and peers after impromptu speeches. Students are encouraged to visit the Communication Lab in Mays to rehearse their delivery of the team speech in front of a consultant and receive feedback before their class presentation. Instruction includes reviews and low-stakes writing practice over grammar and punctuation rules as well as lecture on writing principles. For speaking, realistic accounting communication scenarios and effective visual design techniques are discussed.

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