Prepare for Events

As a UWC consultant, you'll have the opportunity to visit classes around campus and represent the UWC in front of different groups, from the Corps of Cadets to brand new Fish. But we don't just go and stand in front of a screen and blabber. We pride ourselves on making our workshops engaging and interactive, and that, in fact, is where YOU come in.

Make you nervous? Well, you've already been helping Ags one-to-one, so now it will be one-(usually two, actually)-to-many. The main difference is just mathematical. Still nervous? Then check out general advice from other consultants. And don't worry—we've got your back.

What we promise

Below is a list of the basic events we put on. You can read more at Workshops. Studios, and Events.

Resource Tables. We can set up an information table at your event to familiarize students with the writing center.

Customized Marketing Events. We attend an event to pass out fliers, organize games, or answer questions that promote our services.

Writing Studios. We visit a class or event and are available to help students while they work on drafts. As needed, we provide instruction, discussion, and peer response activities. Writing Studios can be set up for multiple meetings. They are designed to help students devote more time to their projects and to develop good composing habits.

Workshops. We come to your class or event and present from the list of topics below.  Some customization can be accommodated. We strive to make our workshops interactive, and you will find that many involve games, polls, or discussions. Workshops are geared to undergraduate or graduate audiences.

Before the Event

  1. The workshop coordinator will contact you to let you know that you’ve been assigned a workshop. The coordinator will also contact the professor, ask for modification requests, and then forward this information to you. If you feel you need more time to prepare, you have questions about customizing, or you have any other issues, just talk to or email the workshop coordinator.

  2. Check here to get to the information about your workshop.

    For Writing Studios, we use Peer Response.

  3. Look through the PowerPoint carefully.

  4. Read through the notes listed at the bottom of the slide.

  5. Read through this advice from other consultants.  Be ready so you can make the workshop active and answer questions.

  6. Once you know what the professor wants, you can customize the workshop to your own style:

    • Read through the instructions and determine the best way to keep students active and engaged.

    • Determine what additional materials you will need.

  7. If you would like to change the slides (content and graphics only, design should not be changed), save the altered slides on the flash drive we gave you in Level Two. Save another copy in your own folder (Consultants drive).

  8. Gather your materials. The front desk will have all the materials you need prepared before your assigned workshop.  Pick up all the materials  no more than 24 hours before your workshop. If you need to print extra materials for workshops (either for yourself or for the students) see any team leader or administrator. DO NOT print these on your account!

  9. Find out where to go.  It’s your responsibility to print directions and/or a map to the class.

During the Event

  1. Arrive early.

  2. Introduce yourself to the professor.

  3. Double check with the professor the amount of time set aside for the presentation.

  4. Set up the PowerPoint presentation on the computer provided.

  5. Begin the workshop! And don't forget to keep it interactive.

After the Event

  1. Write notes for the workshop in Cleopatra. Talk about your experience, and offer suggestions for future consultants who deliver the presentation (or, if you feel it’s important, offer suggestions for delivering workshops to that particular class).

  2. Return the materials to the front desk no more than 24 hours after the workshop.

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