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Why doesn't the fellow who says, "I'm no speechmaker," let it go at that instead of giving a demonstration?

— Kin Hubbard

The University Writing Center offers educational workshops, studios, and resource tables about our services on a limited basis. Because we are primarily student-fee funded, most of our events are for campus organizations, although we can consider other requests if adequate resources are available.

We can also offer versions of our workshops and events through teleconferencing options such as Zoom.

Workshops. CRLA-certified University Writing Center consultants will come to your location and present from the list of workshop topics at the bottom of this page. We strive to make our workshops interactive with games, polls, or discussions. Workshops can be geared to undergraduate or graduate audiences. You can view the standard workshop slideshows by clicking on the links below; some customization can be accommodated. Because of high demand, classroom workshops are limited to two per class section or group, per semester (not including the 'Overview of UWC Services'). Please note that we may have some difficulty booking appointments on Wednesdays at 8AM because we have our staff meetings at that time. We are not available on Saturdays or holidays. 

Writing or Speaking Studios. A CRLA-certified University Writing Center consultant will come to your location to help students while they work on drafts or speech outlines or practice their presentations. As needed, we provide instruction, discussion, and peer response activities. Studios can be set up for multiple meetings. Studios are designed to help students devote more time to their projects and to develop good composing or delivery habits. 

Resource Tables. We can set up an information table at your event to familiarize students with the writing center. We can also attend, pass out fliers, organize games related to our services, or answer questions about our services.

Before you request our presence at an event, we request that you read our policies:

  • At least 2 weeks' notice is required to schedule in most cases.
  • Aside from our "Overview of Services," classes/groups are limited to 2 presentations/events per semester.
  • We cannot guarantee the first choice of date. (Note: we hold staff trainings on Wednesday mornings at 8AM, so we are typically unavailable for events at that time. We are also closed on Saturdays and holidays.) 
  • An instructor, an assistant, or an organization representative with authority must be present during events.
  • Customized classroom workshops may require more than the 2 weeks' minimum notice. 
  • For event workshops and presentations outside of class time, we are now limiting requests to groups that ensure audiences of 20 people or more. ​
  • We will email you before the event. To ensure the best experience for participants, we ask that you respond immediately to the email and mention any modifications or changes you’d like to see. If you do not hear from us within five business days confirming your request, please email us at

If your request is not for a class, select this link:

If your event will occur during a scheduled class, select this link to use our scheduling system (you must have a TAMU Net ID):


Workshop Topics for Undergraduates

Workshop Topics for Graduates

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