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One-to-One Consultations for Graduate Students

You can schedule a one-to-one consultation to work with a certified writing consultant either in person or online. In  person, you can meet privately with a consultant for up to 45 minutes in Evans Library. (If you are on West Campus in the evening, you can find us on the second floor of the library. All consultations there are walk-ins, no appointment needed.)

Whether you meet us online or visit us in person, you’ll find that our consultants are trained to work with all levels of writing/pubic speaking. They’ll ask you how you want to work and what your preferences and needs are. If you’re not sure, they’ll make suggestions.

While our consultants come from a variety of disciplines and work daily with many genres, they’re not specialists in every area. However, they are skilled at examining a model and then imitating its style and organization. So if you think a model in your discipline or genre will help, bring one to your consultation.

Our consultants strive to:

  • familiarize you with electronic and print resources on writing and public speaking
  • equip you with techniques to work independently
  • direct you towards the appropriate resources for help, whether that be your advisor, the thesis office, or library services
  • help you set writing goals and develop good composing habits.