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Overview of Services

What services does the UWC provide?
We provide one-to-one consultations on writing or public speaking with a College Reading and Learning Association certified consultant. There are two types of consultations available: online or in-person. In consultations, we work with you to meet your needs. Want help getting started? Reading your assignment? Doing research or writing footnotes? Just an opinion on your draft? We’ll answer your questions regarding any part of the composing process, and we’ll help you develop oral presentations, slides, posters, and even write scripts for audio or video presentations. If you’re working on a collaborative writing project, you can request a group appointment, and one of our consultants will meet with your whole group.

For answers to quick questions during business hours, you can stop by either our Evans  Library or West Campus Library location or call the Write Line at (979) 845-2160.

We can even help you help yourself by providing an array of online handouts or audio/video resources:

  1. The Composing Process, covering topics like grammar, punctuation, brainstorming, revising,  how to write an introduction, how to cite sources, or how to write collaboratively;
  2. Types of Oral and Written Communication, covering the basics of a range of documents–general academic, scientific, technical, professional, creative, and other types of writing—as well as presentations.

The UWC also helps faculty who include writing or oral communication in classes. Or, you might see us doing a presentation or leading a workshop in a class or elsewhere on campus.

Our video, University Writing Center Tour (Write Right 22) [Video], will give you a quick glimpse of what we do.

For details on services geared especially to graduate students, check out Graduate Student Services. If you are an Honors undergraduate working on a thesis, you are eligible to enroll in Dissertation and Thesis Advice (DATA) .

Where is the Writing Center located?
We have two locations, the second floor of Evans Library and the second floor of the West Campus Library. For more information, go to our Hours & Locations page. To see what the Evans location is like, try our online tour. To see the West Campus location, see University Writing Center at West Campus Library (Write Right 39) [Video]

Is this a free service, or do I have to pay?
Every student pays a University Advancement Fee, included in the semester tuition statement, which funds the writing center.

How do I get a consultation?
Our West Campus Library location is walk-in only. Or  you can stop by our Evans Library location, and if we have a free consultant, we’d be happy to help then and there. However, most days our schedule  at Evans fills up fast, so an appointment is recommended. Appointments can be scheduled from our website home page.  Click on Make an Appointment (top menu) for details. Keep in mind that most appointments start on the hour, and consultants are free only on the hour. You can also choose to submit a paper online and receive comments via email.

For  more information, see Make a Writing Center Appointment Online [Video].

Do I get to choose my consultant?
You cannot select a consultant, but all of our consultants are trained and certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. When an appointment is made, a consultant is selected at random.

To hear more about our consultants, check out University Writing Consultants Interviews (Write Right 25) [Audio].

Do I have to be an A&M student to make an appointment?
You must be enrolled in classes and paying the University Advancement Fee at A&M in order to make an appointment.

Can I have an appointment half-way through the hour?
Yes, if we have a free consultant. However, because our appointments start at the beginning of the hour and consultants need about 15 minutes to fill in paperwork and take a short break, it will only last 15 minutes.

What happens if I am late to my appointment?
If you are late more than 5 minutes, we may give your appointment away to any student waiting as a walk-in. To avoid forfeiting your appointment, we suggest you arrive a few minutes early or, if you’re running late, call (979) 458-1455 to let us know you are on the way, and we’ll hold the appointment for you.

What happens if I miss an appointment and forgot to cancel?
Life happens! But when you miss an appointment  without canceling it, you may prevent another Aggie from getting help. If you miss without canceling a number of times, we may block you from the schedule. You’ll still be able to make appointments, but only by calling and talking to one of our directors.

Can you proofread my paper for mistakes?
Sure, just let your consultant know you want help proofreading. The consultant will point out errors and teach you to correct them yourself, providing advice and support along the way by answering questions, helping you see patterns in your writing, clarifying confusing rules of grammar or citation, and serving as a sounding board for your ideas. The two of you probably won’t discuss every error, but you’ll get a good sense of what you need to work on. However, if you want someone to proofread your work for you, you’ll probably need to hire an editor. We maintain a list of  freelance editors to help you find someone, although they are not affiliated with us.

Can my whole writing group come to the appointment?
Yes. Just make sure to select “Group” from the choices when you make the appointment online.

Is the UWC open on the weekends? How about in summer and over semester breaks?
Usually, we are open Sunday evening, over semester breaks, and in summer, but the hours can vary. You can view the schedule online at Hours/Locations.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Bring a copy of your paper draft and assignment, either electronic or on paper. If you just have notes or an outline, bring them. If you’re working from a textbook or writing handbook, that may also be helpful. If you have a question about documentation, bring the book or article from which you’re trying to work. You can bring a video or audio of a speech and presentation slides if you want tips on performance.

How long does it take to get a paper back if I submit it online?
It depends. When you submit a paper, you get the next available appointment, and the paper should be returned by 10 pm on the day of the appointment (usually within a few hours).  If it takes more time than that, we may not have received it, so give us a call at (979) 458-1455.

If your question was not answered, email us at

Can I request that the University Writing Center present for my organization or group?
We’d love to! If you are a faculty member and need us to present in a class, see  Classroom Workshop Requests. For anything else,  students, staff, or faculty can request our Mobile Team.