{The Black Box Speaks, Spring 2018}

Words of Wisdom

Speeches measured by the hour die with the hour.

— Thomas Jefferson


Riley Womack is a junior English major who likes to pretend he is as cool as the writers that inspire him. He understands that he’ll never create mojitos like Hemingway or freight hop like Kerouac, but he likes to pretend.

Gianluca Percovich is a freshman statistics major with a soft spot for English. He enjoys playing D&D, a lot. He’d like to go to graduate school to secure an MLS and JD, becoming the librarian he always knew he was.

Abigail Mitchell is a junior psychology major and has a heart of gold. Writing has been her passion since she finished writing her first novel at the age of nine. Her interests may be all over the place and have no consistent theme, but they're just some of the things that make her exciting. Her lifelong dream is to write a book so amazing that people care enough to make crazy conspiracies about it on the internet. Her short term goal is to not puke on the stage the night of Black Box Speaks.

Lewis Edwards is a junior English major originally from Melbourne, Australia, who enjoys producing music, writing stories, and taking irresponsibly long naps in his spare time. After finishing his degree at Texas A&M, he plans to attend library school.


Daniel Mueller, a junior film studies minor, received, in his proudest poetry award to date, first place in the eighth-grade division of the 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival poetry contest. He hopes to continue his success streak with this opportunity to mature as a poet.

Jaci Cooper is a sophomore applied mathematics major from Bellville, TX, but more importantly, she is a follower of Jesus Christ. She loves God, Star Wars, peppermint ice cream, and the dark blue color of the sky at midnight.

EmmaLee Newman is a 21-year-old Dog Mom with a Chick-fil-A addiction. She hopes to become a poetry professor with starving artist as her fallback. She is the President of Dirty Bay Poetry in her hometown, Baytown, Texas.

Jasmine Games is a senior English and performance studies double major who hopes to make change by devising performance. She aims to write non-fiction poetry, so enjoy her refined diary.

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