Black Box Speaks, Spring 2017

Words of Wisdom

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

— Anthony Robbins


Ishanee Chanda is a third year International Studies major who is being thrown out of college one
year too early. She enjoys cliché, romantic things like watching the stars, cuddling, and dismantling the
patriarchy. Her post graduation plans include a lot of nervous screaming, binge watching Netflix, and
eventually finding her way to law school. Ishanee has been published in the Huffington Post and has
plans to infiltrate the field of international politics to make the world better, one piece of writing at a

Natalie Coleman is a freshman Civil Engineering student minoring in Hispanic Studies for
Community Engagement. Despite her American name, she is very much Hispanic, coming from a
border town with Spanish as her first language. When she’s not erasing lines of program coding, she’s
editing and re-editing her short stories. Her favorite font is Garamond and her favorite movie is 500
Days of Summer. She also doesn’t believe in matching socks.

Brilliant, creative, funny, incredibly handsome--these words are the only words Caleb Vierkunt uses
to describe himself. Caleb has wanted to be a writer since he was young. He's keeping his fingers
crossed that his double major in journalism and history will help him pay the bills. His hobbies include
blogging, playing video games, and buying books that he swears he'll get around to reading one day.
His long term goal is to become a multi-millionaire from writing best-selling novels (and selling the
movie rights) and to die at far too young an age under an avalanche of fan mail.

Catherine Caprio is a Biomedical Science major, English minor from Round Rock, Texas pursuing
her one true passion in life: chocolate. (Kidding!) Chocolate is only how she deals with the stress of
being a pre-vet major. Her real passions in life are animals and writing. She would like to thank
everyone for coming out—it means a lot! And to her family: thanks for keeping her “mostly harmless”
throughout the years.


Hannah DiLullo is a serial chips and salsa eater and sophomore International Studies major at
Texas A&M, where she is also minoring in Arabic and Dance. She is from Austin, Texas and in her free
time enjoys day dreaming about living in Ireland, watching romantic comedies with her wonderful
roommates, and participating in the occasional pen-to-paper “meet cute.”

Jihyeon Joung is a freshman Engineering major. She has been writing since 2012—novels, short
stories, and poetry. In her words, she fantasizes about romance and the boundary between
imagination and reality. Other than writing, she loves to design book covers, create artwork, and hug
her sleeping dog, Lucy. Even if her path is on a different road, she hopes to continue writing and also
publish books written and designed by herself.

Saelis Mercado was born in Killeen, Texas on March 14, 1996. She has had poetry published in 2014
and 2015 editions of Central Texas College’s Byways Journal of Arts and Letters, with her poem
“Anxious” winning the second place writing prize in 2015. Her narrative style of poetry is influenced
by her synesthesia, her memories, and her belief that everything has a story to tell. Saelis is currently a
senior, and she hopes that the great unknown future will treat her kindly.

Sam Frykholm is a junior Science for Secondary Teaching major. He enjoys the slowest medleys of
light and shade beneath his oak trees, and the southern hounds he keeps by his side. He plans on
teaching the rest of his life, collecting bow ties, and possessing a vast knowledge of the simple things
in life. If you like his poems enough, you’re in luck—he’s looking to publish his works. He is a cadet in
the Corps of Cadets, so no, that haircut was not a choice. 7 words left. The treasure is buried near the
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