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Those of us who have been doomed to read manuscripts written in an examination room—whether at a grammar school, high school, or a college—have found the work of even good scholars disfigured by bad spelling, confusing punctuation, ungrammatical, obscure, ambiguous, or inelegant expressions. Everyone who has had much to do with the graduating classes of our best colleges has known men who could not write a letter describing their own Commencement without making blunders which would disgrace a boy twelve years old.

— Adam Sherman Hill

Write Watchers 2017
The University Writing Center hosts a series of graduate writing groups in the fall and spring semesters called Write Watchers. Students meet for two hours every week for six-week sessions to write. The group offers some community for graduate students as they generate material for their theses, dissertations, and articles.

The sessions are facilitated by a UWC administrator and begin with a short writing tip.

Snacks and beverages are provided but you may bring your own food if you prefer. It is free to participate.

To qualify for attendance, you must have an active University Identification Number.


To get the most out of Write Watchers:

  • The writing group is particularly useful for students who are in the writing phase of their dissertation or thesis (rather than research or analysis).

  • Participants should bring a laptop or other writing materials.

  • The writing group coordinator will be available to answer short questions.

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