Dissertation & Thesis Writing Retreats

Words of Wisdom

You can fix anything but a blank page.

— Nora Roberts

The goal of a Thesis and Dissertation Writing Retreat is to provide you with a productive environment for completing a thesis or dissertation. Retreats are four-day events held three times a year, usually in mid-May, late August, and  mid-January, although dates may vary. Registration is limited to graduate students who are working actively on their dissertations or theses.

If you join a retreat, you are making a time commitment, and we'll ask you to set aside other work. You will be working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day in Evans Library. Most of the time is spent writing alone, in the company of other writers. Each day you receive 30-45 minutes of individual coaching on what you are writing. At noon, we eat as a group and share information about resources or answer questions you may have. Lunches and snacks are provided as part of the Retreat.

To participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You can commit to attending every day, all day

  • You inform your advisor of your attendance

  • You are past the proposal stage and are actively writing a thesis or dissertation

  • You plan to defend your thesis or dissertation within two semesters of attending the retreat.

Prior to each retreat, we will send an email to all registered graduate students with instructions for signing up.

Keep in mind that the Dissertation/Thesis Writing Retreat is for graduate students who are currently writing their theses/dissertations. Graduate students attending their first retreat have priority over previous attendees. In addition, regular participants in our other graduate programs may receive earlier access to Writing Retreat signups.

If you have questions, please contact uwc@tamu.edu
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