{ANSC 491 Research}

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Animal Science
Type: W
Status: Approved

Proposer: Donna Witt
Number: 5-7616
Email: d-witt@tamu.edu


We recommend that ANSC 491 Research be certified as a writing (W) course for four academic years (1/16 to 1/20). We have reviewed a representative syllabus and have determined that the course meets or exceeds the following criteria:
  1. Percentage of final grade based on writing quality: 100%
  2. Course content appropriate to the major
  3. Total number of words: 2000
  4. Instructor to student ratio for one section: 1:20
ANSC 491 is a one-credit course in which students work one-to-one with a faculty member supervising their research and the writing of a thesis. In addition, they may attend a review in Week 10 where they can get comments on their work from graduate students working with their faculty advisor. Instruction is provided by faculty members from the department in workshops that cover various relevant writing topics such as citation, review of model papers, and basic grammar. Students are required to attend at least three workshops and submit early drafts of their literature reviews and results for written feedback from their faculty advisors. They are required to have at least one conference during the semester with their faculty advisor.
No significant changes have been made since original certification was granted.

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