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— Isaac Babel

Proposed W and C courses are reviewed by the W and C Course Advisory Committee. The W and C Course Advisory Committee recommends action to the Faculty Senate, which in turn submits its decision to the university president for final approval.

Courses are approved for a period of four years. For example, courses approved in Fall 2014 should be reviewed again no later than Fall 2017 for inclusion in the Fall 2018 Schedule of Classes. Courses that have expired will not be given a W or C section number.

The syllabus for any course passed will be considered representative of all syllabi used in sections of that course designated as W/C in regards to the number and type of writing or speaking assignments, the number and type of written or oral communications instruction, and the percentage of the final grade based on writing or speaking.

While it is assumed that some variation may occur in courses during the years of approval, it is also assumed that the proposed title generally describes the course being taught as W or C. Courses taught under variable titles such as "Seminar" or "Research" (including 281, 481, 491, and 489) will be approved by title as well as number.

The W and C Course Advisory Committee is responsible for the clarification of approval parameters when necessary. Should the W and C Course Advisory Committee decide to reject a proposed course, they must provide appropriate recommendations to the proposer and invite re-submission.

The full approval process takes between 2 and 4 months, depending upon the number of proposals received, the speed at which proposers respond to questions, and the date they are submitted.   

See Teaching Writing and Speaking on this website for advice and tips on planning and teaching a W or C course, including information on creating a syllabus, writing learning outcomes, creating writing and speaking assignments, providing formative feedback and instruction, and grading.
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