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Words of Wisdom

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t write in ANY genre if you are prepared to put the work in. Genre is craft. Craft can be learnt. So learn the conventions of the genre you want to write. Watch all the movies in that genre, big and small; read all the scripts. Go to events, learn about it. Read articles, blogs, soak it all up.

— Lucy Vee

For this hands-on workshop, students must bring a draft in progress. (Those who fail to bring one will participate, but they won’t have the benefit of review.) The workshop provides a procedure for peer response and guidance in commenting meaningfully on peer work. The purpose of the workshop is (1) to stimulate revision of students’ own drafts by demonstrating the response process and (2) to hone students’ critical acumen.

We recommend that you request this workshop only if your students have drafts they are revising. They should bring their drafts to the workshop.


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