{The UWC is hiring! }

Release Date: Friday, Mar 09, 2018

The University Writing Center (UWC) is looking for grad students to begin working as peer writing consultants in the fall. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. We're also looking for a diverse staff, so students from underrrepresented populations are also strongly encouraged to apply! 

As a UWC consultant, you’ll help your fellow Aggies improve their written and spoken communication, working with them both in person and online. In addition, you’ll present workshops, develop tutoring materials, and represent the UWC at campus functions.

Best of all, you’ll work in a supportive, creative environment in an on-campus job that helps you hone your interpersonal and communication skills. 

Do you need to be a grammar nerd to work here? Nope. You do need to be a good student, a good writer, and comfortable talking to people. If you’ve ever helped someone learn to swim or play an instrument—and enjoyed doing so—this job might be a great fit for you.

As a consultant, you’ll earn certification from the College Reading and Learning Association, and we’ll pay you for the time you spend attending our training.

If this job sounds like something you’d be interested in, apply now!
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