Introducing the PLACE for English conversation

Release Date: Thursday, Aug 07, 2014

The UWC is pleased to introduce a new program for international students.

The Practice Listening and Conversational English (PLACE) Program allows students to work with the same consultant for up to 5 sessions as they improve their English through conversation. It’s our hope that being paired with the same consultant over multiple sessions will allow students to improve their English fluency in a relaxed and comfortable manner.  Each appointment will last up to 45 minutes with the students determining the nature of the discussion. Students signing up for the program are encouraged to focus on the topics that most concern them and to bring specific questions to their sessions.

Once the 5 sessions have been completed, students are welcome to reapply to the PLACE program.

To apply. fill out the form on our PLACE information page. For more details, contact us.

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