{Black Box Writers Residency debuts}

Release Date: Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015

The Black Box Writers Residency (BBWR), created by the University Writing Center, is accepting applications for its pilot program to be conducted in March.

The BBWR offers undergraduate creative writers at Texas A&M a unique opportunity to develop as writers and performers. Students accepted into the program will have the chance to hone a work of poetry or short fiction with the help of experienced creative writers. Then they'll practice their performing skills before giving a public reading of their work on the A&M campus.

The BBWR program, combining instruction in both writing and performing, is the first of its kind for undergraduates in the U.S.

Flo Davies, a UWC administrator and the program's creator, says this new intiative recognizes the relationship between writing and performing, a relationship that's increasingly significant given the growing popularity of poetry slams and open mic nights.

"It's important for writers to know how to present their work to an audience, to make it come to life in real time," Davies explains. "Plus, learning to perform a work—and perform it well—can give a young writer who otherwise likely works in isolation a huge boost of confidence."

Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 20th. Students interested in applying can learn more about the program and the registration process here.
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