The UWC Mission

Words of Wisdom

I really think that reading is just as important as writing when you’re trying to be a writer because it’s the only apprenticeship we have, it’s the only way of learning how to write a story.

— John Green

Two female students sit on a couch at the UWC and discuss a paper while other students work with consultants in the background

The University Writing Center supports writing and public speaking for graduate and undergraduate students across the university, with particular emphasis on supporting W and C courses.

  • To help students practice the habits of mature composers of written and oral communication, we provide one-to-one consulting sessions and other resources such as online handouts and workshops on writing and speaking.
  • We assist faculty in integrating writing and oral communication into courses.

We acknowledge and celebrate language diversity and growth. We provide an environment in which students’ learning differences are respected and addressed, and where students are encouraged to explore their diverse voices. We embrace the university’s diversity initiatives and continually assess our progress to maintain accountability to and recognition of our unique Aggie community.

As a unit of Undergraduate Studies, the University Writing Center shares a mission to “help undergraduates reach their full academic potential, enrich their educational program with deep and purposeful learning experiences, and gain the skills needed to continue professional development throughout their lives” and further supports the mission of Texas A&M University by “providing the highest quality undergraduate programs that prepare students to assume roles in leadership, responsibly, and service to society.”